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On Duty Dryer Vent Cleaning Company is the premier choice for top-quality dryer vent cleaning services. Our business is firefighter-owned and operated and our technicians are certified dryer exhaust technicians, ensuring you receive the very best care for your home.

Services offered and Pricing


Dryer Vent Inspection and Cleaning* 

Vent located on side of House    $145
Vent located on Roof     $185
* Price includes sales tax

Transition Hose Replacement Upgrade  $34.99

Protects against dangerous kinks/ crushing

-Helps protect against flame spread

-Improved efficiency, shortens cycle, saves energy

Dryer Flex transition hose upgrade
Dryer Wall Vent Upgrade

Dryer Wall Vent Upgrade $115

- Improves Aesthetics

-Deters Bird and Rodent Entry

-Maximizes Airflow efficiency

-Minimizes Dryer Cycle Times

Dryer Jack Roof Vent Upgrade $349-$449

-Specifically designed for dryer exhaust

- Made of 28 gauge Galvalume

-Improved efficiency shortens cycle, saves energy

-Damper design deters bird and rodent entry

-Access ease duct cleaning and maintenance

Dryer Jack Roof vent installation
Ductwork installation, repair, reroute

Ductwork Installation, Repair, Reroute

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